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Anna Giotas Sandquist


Anna Giotas Sandquist is the chair of the Swedish Women’s Lobby since the 2016 Annual Meeting. She was nominated for the post by Mälardalen’s Women’s Lobby.

Anna works as a senior consultant at KPMG, among other things with support for the implementation of Agenda 2030 and sustainable development in municipalities. Anna has previously worked as a quality manager at Botkyrka Municipality. She has broad experience of gender equality work and has worked at Jusek, the Swedish Municipal Association and the Government Offices. Gender mainstreaming has been a common thread in Anna’s professional life and she has also held a variety of managerial positions. Anna has for several years been part of the Swedish Women’s Lobby’s working group on gender equality review of budgets.

Susannah Sjöberg

Vice President

Judit Svensson

Board member - Cashier

Louise Elemalm

Board member

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Louise is a board member of The Swedish Women’s Lobby and was nominated for the post by BPW Sweden, Business & Professional Women. She has long experience of board work, as club chairman in BPW Luleå, board member and second vice president in BPW Sweden. She has also held various managerial assignments in the child and education system and in the social sector where she was responsible for LSS issues, among other things. She is educated at Uppsala University in behavioral science and pedagogics. Louise also holds positions of trust within Brottsofferjouren och Överförmyndarnämnden.

Margareta Rehn

Board member

Margareta Rehn is a leg. midwife and nurse and through her work has been particularly interested in women’s health and care linked to sexual and reproductive health and rights. Margareta currently works as an administrator at the Midwife’s Association Office and is also editor-in-chief of their journal Jordemodern. Margareta was nominated to the Board by KSAN – Women’s Organizations Cooperation Council on Alcohol and Drug Matters.

Gita Rajan

Board member

Hanna Stenström

Board member

Malin Malmström

Board member

Marianne Eriksson

Board member

Maja Ahrman

Board member