Sveriges Kvinnoorganisationer SKL


Do you want to engage politically or learn more about how you can influence society? In that case we recommend you to check out our Activistkit that has been developed with the help of our democracy ambassadors in the project RÖSTRÄTT (The right to vote). The Activistkit contains tools, tips and  logistical solutions to help you take action. In the Activistkit you can find information on how to write an opinion piece or how to write a citizen initiative, how to start a study circle, how to join a political party or an organization. You can also find tips on how to apply for workshops and grants for a project.

You can find the Activistkit in Swedish below.

The idea is that Activistkitet should be constantly changing and that must be developed. If you have thoughts and ideas on how Activistkitet can be better, email your suggestions to Remember to mark your e-mail with “Activist kit” in the subject line.