Sveriges Kvinnoorganisationer SKL


The Swedish Women’s Lobby has 47 member organizations. We want to represent all of Sweden’s women’s movement and therefore welcome more non-profit women’s organizations to apply for membership. Other organizations or individuals who support the purpose of the Swedish Women’s Lobby are welcome as sister creators. Fill in your application here. For more information about our business, see our statutes.


Membership in the Swedish Women’s Lobby is given to non-profit women’s organizations that are based on a democratic basis and are party-politically unbound. The member organization shall accept and work for the purpose of the Swedish Women’s Lobby. By women’s organization is meant an organization where at least 80 percent of the members are women.

Apply for membership by filling out the questions in this form. Then send annual meeting minutes, list of names on the board after constitution, statutes and latest activity report to  or Sweden’s Women’s Lobby, Karlbergsvägen 86A, 113 45 Stockholm.

The membership fee is deposited at Bankgiro 142-5198 after the Board of Directors has given approval.
Membership fee for organizations with less than 3000 members – SEK 600 / year.
Membership fee for organizations with 3000 members or more – SEK 3,000 /