Sveriges Kvinnoorganisationer SKL


Under the Swedish Women’s Lobby’s umbrella there are 47 member organizations working to strengthen women’s position in society.

A membership in the Swedish Women’s Lobby is given to non-profit women’s organizations that are based on a democratic basis and are party-politically unbound. The member organization shall accept and work for the purpose of the Swedish Women’s Lobby. Women’s organization is meant an organization where at least 80 percent of the members are women.

Other organizations, businesses or individuals who support the purpose of the Swedish Women’s Lobby are welcome as supportive members. Read more and apply here.

1,6 & 2,6 miljonerklubben

1,6 & 2,6 miljonerklubben exists to distribute objective information on women’s health issues and to introduce the female perspective in medical research and medical education.

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Birth Rights Sweden

Birth Rights Sweden is a non-profit organization consisting of parents, midwives and doulas. Their vision is a holistic view and continuity of care during pregnancy, childbirth and infancy, a care that is based on parents’ wishes and needs.

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Bosnien och Hercegovinas Kvinnoriksförbund i Sverige

Bosnien och Hercegovinas Kvinnoriksförbund i Sverige (BHKRF) is the leading organization for Bosnian women outside Bosnia and Herzegovina. The BHKRF works for equality, integration, diversity, democracy, issues concerning children and youth, general women’s issues, cultural activities, humanitarian aid, etc.

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Business and Professional Women Sweden – Yrkeskvinnors riksförbund

Business and Professional Women Sweden is a local, national and international network that works for equality between women and men with a special focus on the labor market.

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Dea-föreningen för kvinnohistoriskt museum

The goal of the Dea Association is to establish a state-owned women’s history museum in Sweden. The museum will show women’s history and efforts in home, professional life, art and society.

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EQ Kvinna

EQ Kvinna has the vision to be a resource for women who together want to understand and realize what is meant by being a Christian and a woman in our world.

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Förenade kvinnor

Förenade kvinnor is located in Jönköping and works to improve women’s integration and an equal society. Through multicultural meetings does Förenade Kvinnor want to create a better understanding and respect for each other and contribute to a strong community in society.

Föreningen Tillsammans

Föreningen Tillsammans is an association of and for persons who have been subjected to sexual violence in any form. By creating a community for individuals who are exposed and together strengthening each other, they want to be a force of change in society. Together, they fight for a society free from sexual violence.

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Forum – Kvinnor och Funktionshinder

Forum – Kvinnor och Funktionshinder works to combat all forms of discrimination, threats and violence against women and girls with disabilities.

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Fredrika Bremer Förbundet

The Association Fredrika Bremer works for a society where women and men live in a partnership – where we share responsibilities in the home, at work and in community life.

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Gröna Kvinnor

Gröna Kvinnor is a politically and religiously independent feminist organization focused on gender equality and the environment. The organization works to influence parties and organizations in the green feminist direction.

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Internationella Kvinnoförbundet, IKF

IKF is an association of several associations all over Sweden that turns to women of all nationalities. IKF works to promote equality, diversity, cultural knowledge, mutual integration and women’s entrepreneurship.

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Klara K Demokrati

Klara K Demokrati is a politically and religiously independent organization for women involved in politics, working towards better conditions for a sustainable democracy on equal terms. Klara K Demokrati works to improve, increase and ensure women’s participation in all democratically elected decision-making bodies.

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KSAN/ Kvinnoorganisationernas Samarbetsråd i Alkohol- och Narkotikafrågor

KSAN is the Swedish women’s organizations’ co-operative body for questions concerning alcohol, drugs and addictive drugs. They work primarily with preventive activities. Their audiences are for girls and women of all ages.

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Kurdistans Kvinnoförbund i Sverige, KKF-S

KKF-S works for Kurdish women’s integration into Swedish society, as well as to combat discrimination and xenophobia. KKF-S consists of member associations throughout Sweden.

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Kvinnlig Anhopning av Svenska Tonsättare – KVAST

KVAST is a non-profit association that works for more music by women to be heard in concert halls, on experimental scenes, in auditoriums and all kinds of music halls around the country. They give advice to Sweden’s orchestras, organize discussions, seminars, composition workshops and more.

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Kvinnlig Prioritet

Kvinnlig Prioritet works for women with mental illnesses and their rights.

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Kvinnliga Akademikers Förening

KAF is an interest organization for women who have completed academic undergraduate degrees. They want to build up a network for scientific exchange, in which young scientists in particular can get inspiration and encouragement.

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Kvinnofronten wants to create awareness by highlighting women’s everyday conditions, showing women’s experiences and organizing women’s struggles. They work against all women’s oppression, for women’s liberation.

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Kvinnojouren Anna

Kvinnojouren Anna is located in Upplands-Bro and works for the right of women and children to live without violence, oppression and humiliation. They provide sheltered housing and conversation support, educations and information. Kvinnojouren Anna is a member of Unizon.

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Kvinnor i Svenska Kyrkan

Kvinnor i Svenska Kyrkan is an organization open to all women, involved in the church or women who are spiritually seeking and curious about the Christian faith.

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KvinnorKan works for women’s and men’s equal conditions. They work especially with seminars, networking and integration and mentoring projects.

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Kvinnors rätt

Kvinnors rätt works to counter cultural and sexual oppression of women and youths. They do this, among other things through social support work, opinion formation and to put pressure on authorities and political assemblies.

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Niejda is a feminist association for Sami girls and women. Their goal is for Sami girls and women to feel that they choose how they want to live and what they want to do. The association has its base in Sweden but gathers members from all over Sápmi.

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Operation 1325

Operation 1325 is an umbrella organization founded by several Swedish women’s and peace organizations. Through information and education, in Sweden and internationally, the organization works to increase women’s influence in peace processes and in conflict resolution.

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The association Östersjöfred promotes common human security, justice and sustainable peace and development by emphasizing the importance of equality and female leadership on these issues. In solidarity and cooperation with women’s organizations in the Baltic Sea area, they work to prevent violence and armed conflicts.

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Riksförbundet Internationella Föreningen för Invandrarkvinnor, RIFFI

RIFFI is an umbrella organization for 30 local associations around the country. RIFFI engages in immigrant and refugee women’s issues in Sweden and globally, and works to facilitate integration in the new country.

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Riksorganisationen för kvinnojourer och tjejjourer i Sverige, Roks

Roks has about 100 shelters/helplines around the country that provide support and protection for women, girls and children who have been exposed to men’s violence. Roks also works outwards to highlight the reality that their shelters/helplines faces.

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Rise – Riksföreningen stödcentrum mot incest och andra sexuella övergrepp i barndomen

Rise is a non-profit association that offers support to adults who have been subjected to childhood sexual abuse. They also work on information about sexual abuse of children, its consequences and opportunities for healing and development.

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Svenska Kvinnors EuropaNätverk, SKEN

SKEN is a non-profit association for women with an interest in EU issues. They serve as a forum for discussion and exchange of experience through eg. debates, lectures, information and study visits.

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Svenska Kvinnors Vänsterförbund

SKV is a party-political unbounded, feminist and pacifist women’s union with the heart to the left. They work for equality, peace and solidarity between people, groups and nations.

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Svenska Riksföreningen av Delta Kappa Gamma

Delta Kappa Gammas mission is to support professional and personal development of female educators and to promote good education.

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Sverigefinskt Kvinnoforum

Sverigefinskt Kvinnoforum functions as a minority interest, leisure and collaboration forum for Swedish Finnish women and their organizations.

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Sveriges Ekumeniska Kvinnoråd

SEK is a forum for Swedish Christian women. They work for equality and for women’s participation in leadership and decision-making in churches and communities.

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Sveriges Kvinnliga Läkares Förening

KLF is an association for female doctors and medical students. They work to examine the reality of women doctors regarding professional life, work environment, research and education from a gender perspective.

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Sverigeunionen av Soroptimistklubbar

Soroptomisterna is one of the world’s largest non-politically independent women’s organizations. Through a strong network of working women, they contribute to strengthening women’s position globally, nationally and locally.

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Tantpatrullen works to raise the issue of equal pensions in different ways.

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TRIS – tjejers rätt i samhället

TRIS is a party-political and religiously-based non-profit association that works against honor-related violence and oppression. TRIS primarily works with a broad preventative effort to increase knowledge about the issues.

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Unizon gathers over 120 of the country’s women and girl shelters/helplines and other idea-based support activities that work for a gender-equal society free from violence.

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Varken hora eller kuvad

VHEK is a division of the international organization, Ni Putes Ni Soumises, founded in Paris 2003. VHEK is a feminist and anti-racial grassroots movement. The foundation of the association is democracy.

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Winnet Sverige

Winnet Sverige highlights and increases knowledge about women’s participation in society’s development and economic growth. They work with partnership in partnership and networking as a method at all levels of their work.

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